Make It Science is a small organisation based near Brighton. Its founder, Liz Jeavans, graduated with a Psychology BSc then went on to Techniquest Science Centre to gain an MSc in Science Communication in 2005 with a dissertation specialising in community outreach.

Since then she has worked as Outreach Officer for the Institute of Physics developing a suite of activities to reach family and adult audiences, and the Royal Society as Education Manager overseeing their schools’ outreach programme.

Liz has been freelance since 2011 and splits her time between doing evaluation work and hands-on activity delivery. Previous partners and clients include Sussex Clubs for Young People, Imperial College London, Edcoms, South East Physics Network and the Mass Observation Archives.

Liz delivers Make it Science activities herself or with a team of highly skilled associates. All Make it Science associates are fully DBS checked and as an organisation we are GDPR compliant.

Our sustainability policy aims to reduce single use plastic in our activities with biodegradable or reusable products used wherever possible.

Why we do what we do?

Make it Science aims to give everyone the opportunity to find out more about the world in which we live. But this doesn’t always necessarily mean through learning more ‘facts’. We believe that knowledge is only one part of learning and having the skills and confidence to engage and ask your own questions of the world is of equal value. 

The focus of our activities is to provide a positive experience; this could be through developing confidence by interacting with something new, or recognising that you have a skill that you can apply, or building resilience by trying something for the first time. 

We particularly enjoy working with those outside of school, such as our continued work with young people in the youth group settings, and family and community groups. 

We are skilled in providing a place for people to play and learn, ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity at trying out and contributing to the activities and is able to achieve something for themselves. We enjoy ongoing engagement where we deliver a programme of activities that build on individual’s experience, and shorter drop-in events where we provide additional information for you to follow-up in your own time at home. But most of all, we love what we do and we hope you do too.